'Party like it's the 1920's..'

Hopefully, we'll be waving bye-bye to the worst of the pandemic. 2022 appears to be a safer haven for celebrating a wedding and we really hope that all restrictions will be lifted by then.

What's changing at Ashcroft Barn in 2022?

  1. We want to become a venue that provides a more relaxed, intimate and personal wedding experience. So we will be reducing the maximum guest numbers to reflect this.

  2. We will also be designing several 'Wedding Kits', which will help couples to work with a budget so they know what they need to work towards. 

  3. More DIY weddings! Sometimes couples want to spend more on some things and less on others, so we will be working towards additional on site projects to help couples do it on their own.

  4. More hire items exclusive to the barn will be made available.

  5. We want to promote more local businesses, with a focus on sustainable and eco friendly products.

  6. Pushing down our carbon imprint. We pretty good at minimising our carbon output already but we want to do more from installing renewable energy sources to using electric vehicles!

  7. On site accommodation...with a twist...wink!


Prices to be released later in 2021. Bookings and viewings for 2022 will be from Summer 2021.

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