Our Vision..

Ashcroft Barn is part of an farm estate, found on the cusp of the Cotswold's. The barn had previously been used as stables and machinery storage until it was updated and restored in the mid-1990's to protect and maintain it. Over the years, the barn has continued to be jointed, painted, and restored using, as close to as possible, traditional methods from when it was first built. We would like to share our love of Ashcroft barn and make it available for weddings, birthday parties, small events, and corporate and continue our dedication towards restoring the barn and surrounding structures to its former glory. 

Our family are also very committed to maintaining the land so it is as organic and chemical free as possible. We want to support the land and nature that reside on our estate. The Woodland Trust were invited to plant hundreds of trees about 20 years ago and has grown into beautiful woods. Due to the support we have for our estate we, in turn, have the pleasure of seeing deer, foxes, badgers and various birds and insects thriving on our land. We wish to see this continue for many years to come.

For more information, details and any queries, please send us a message. 


Previous Events...


 30th Birthday Party- 2020 (Pre-pandemic)

“What a great evening! Loved the cosy bar area and private lawn around the back. ”


Networking Party - 2019

“Lovely event space. Delish food and brilliant service.”


Promo photoshoot - 2020

“A hidden gem. We took some great photos of our products. Good light and a stylish back drop.”

Wedding Celebration